Resource Centre

Mitcham Primary School enjoys a large, well-resourced Resource Centre that students visit weekly with their class. We have an extensive range of picture fiction, fiction and non-fiction books for students to choose from. The Resource Centre supports the literacy values of the school by maintaining a current collection that appeals to teachers and students alike. We provide a safe, nurturing environment that encourages students to develop a love of reading for learning and enjoyment.

The Resource Centre runs annual programs such as activities for Book Week, the Premier's Reading Challenge, and National Simultaneous Storytime.

Students can access the Resource Centre during lunchtime, when they can read quietly, draw and colour in, play board games or build on our LEGO wall.

Student borrowing periods are:

Reception to Year 2 - 4 books, 2 week borrowing period

Year 3 to 6 - 6 books, 2 week borrowing period

Resource Centre staff are supported by parent volunteers who help with shelving and covering of books. If you are interested in supporting the school this way please contact Resource Centre staff.