Fees and Payments


The Material and Services charge has been set at $460.00 for the year 2023. This fee enables the school to maintain and develop the wide and varied curriculum that is currently offered.
Materials and Services under the Prescribed Sum which are provided for your child include:

  • • Printed and electronic materials and workbooks related to the education program
  • • Stationery items
  • • Access to student information technology
  • • Curriculum/subject supplies and services
  • • Library resources including access to borrowing library resources

Your child will be provided with an initial supply of stationery, educational materials and equipment in all subject areas. Parents are advised that textbooks and materials issued to children remain the property of the school.

Payment Options


QKR! (pronounced “quicker”) has been set up for you to easily make online payments to Mitcham Primary School.

To download the Qkr! app, visit the App Store on your mobile device.

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Apple App Store 300x92 Apple App Store 300x92

For more information on using Qkr! on your device, refer to this Guide to Qkr! (PDF 1.12MB) 

Online Payments

Payments can also be made online through Qkr! website here 


The front office has EFTPOS facilities available. You can pay in person between 8:30 - 10:00 am. Alternatively you can call and make a credit card payment over the phone on 08 8271 2227.

If you have any questions or need extra time to make a payment, please contact the finance office on 08 8271 2227 for a confidential discussion.