Dress Code

The purpose of the uniform is to create a sense of community, belonging, and pride in all students. The school uniform proudly identifies our students at all times, both at school and on excursions.  It ensures that students are well presented and dressed appropriately for a wide variety of school activities.

Any changes to the school uniform will involve consultation with the wider school community including consultation with the SRC.  The final authority for any changes to the School Dress Code rests with the School Council.

In developing this policy we have considered the following key factors:

  • • Wearing a uniform is an important factor in ensuring children’s safety. It is important that we can clearly recognise a student’s association with Mitcham.
  • • Students' clothing should allow for freedom of movement and comfort.
  • • The values of students and parents/caregivers of different nationalities are acknowledged.
  • • Awareness of and sensitivity to financial situations has been taken into consideration in relation to the School Dress Code.
  • • Our uniform offers affordable clothing for all students. It is flexible and based around the school’s colours.

Mitcham Primary School Dress Code

The colours of the uniform are royal blue with gold trim for Rec-Year 5, and navy and gold for Year 6 students. The Mitcham Primary School logo should be the only logo visible on clothing. The uniform consists of:

  • • Navy blue long pants, knee to mid-thigh length shorts or skort. (No jeans, leggings, logos, or stripes )
  • • Royal blue polo t-shirts, logo preferred (short & long-sleeved)
  • • School summer dress, skirt or winter pinafore. Long-sleeved navy tops may be worn under the winter pinafore.
  • • Royal blue jumper with logo R – 5
  • • Year 6 navy blue jumper with names
  • • Year 6 polo shirts in navy with gold trim
  • • Royal blue Communication bag (JP only)
  • • Sports top in royal blue and gold for teams representing the school in interschool competitions.(Weekend and SAPSASA)
  • • Hat – navy blue with a wide brim hats
  • • Navy blue school backpack with logo is optional.

Jewellery (Occupational Health and Safety)

  • • Medic alert bracelets and wrist watches are acceptable.
  • • One set of studs or sleeper earrings only (no other visible piercings).
  • • Coloured nail polish and makeup are not acceptable.
  • • Hair should be of natural colour and neatly tied back if shoulder length or longer.
  • • Hair accessories may be worn in school colours only.


  • • Sensible, supportive comfortable closed shoe (sports or leather) or sandal. (Plain white, black, brown or navy preferred).
  • • Plain white, black or navy socks (including sports socks) or navy tights.

Uniform Service via the School Shop

A school uniform shop stocks a wide range of new and preloved uniforms for purchase. Open Tuesdays 3 – 4 pm, Wednesdays 8:30 –9:30 am or orders may be placed via the front office.

Sunsmart Policy

In accordance with the school's SunSmart Policy, skin protection including the wearing of appropriate hats is essential in Terms 1, 3 & 4 and at other times when the UV levels are above 3. Students are required to wear hats as part of the dress code during those periods. Hat protection is not necessary when UV levels are below 3 in Term 2, although it is acceptable if students choose to wear one. Hats must be navy blue and must be a wide brim (+8cm) design as they offer the best protection. Students who choose not to wear a hat when required will remain in the shaded courtyard area.

Casual Days

On casual days, the SunSmart Policy and jewellery dress code apply.



All parents will receive a copy of this policy and it will be included in the enrolment package.  Parents will be expected to supply a suitable hat and clothing for the child’s use in school activities and further support the School’s Dress Code.  Issues of financial hardship may be discussed with the leadership team.

School Council

School council ratifies this policy, and the Uniform Committee is responsible for the supply and promotion of the School Dress Code.


Will encourage and support the Dress Code and will take appropriate action such as contacting parents either by phone, letter or diary entry in relation to persistent breaches of the Dress Code. A record of consequences and action taken to ensure compliance with the policy will be maintained.


Department for Education Policy states that Principals may exempt students from the Dress Code Policy upon written request from parents, on the following grounds:

  • • Religious
  • • Cultural or ethnic
  • • New student (time to purchase)
  • • Itinerant students
  • • Financial hardship
  • • Medical reasons

All students are required to wear clothing consistent with this Dress Code at all times. 

Policy update and review

The school council and staff regularly monitor and review the effectiveness of the Dresscode (at least every three years) and revise the policy when required.

Policy last reviewed May 2020. Next review May 2023.

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