A Message from our Pastoral Care Worker

It has been a different start to the school year, but in spite of this our students have settled in well and are enjoying being with their friends and teachers.

I am another trusted adult for students to talk to at school. In my role, I provide support for members of the school community – students, staff and families. Some of this involves checking in with students who might be finding things difficult at school or at home or referring families to support networks. If you would like to find out more about my role, I can be contacted through the front office or by email julie.ascherellis43@schools.sa.edu.au. I am at school all day Monday to Thursday and from 12:30 pm on Friday.

Some of the services I provide are help with social skills, making friends and other friendship issues. I help students understand their emotions, such as feeling worried, sad, angry or scared and teach them strategies to self-regulate. These services are in addition to the classroom curriculum provided by teachers.

At present I’m introducing Kimochis (toys with feelings) to the Reception classes.  There are eight Kimochi characters each with their own characteristics, feelings and their own story.  For example Bug is shy and is afraid of change. He learns to put his “Brave feeling” in front of his “Scared feeling” so he can grow his wings and learn to be a beautiful butterfly.  The students think of times when they have been scared and who helped them. We then brainstorm ideas about how we can encourage Bug to be brave. The aim of this program is to help students understand and recognise their feelings and learn strategies to regulate when big hard to have feelings occur. In addition, they learn strategies to help build friendships, use kind words and recognise how others are feeling by looking at their faces and body language.

I use a range of other social skills programs to deliver age appropriate lessons where required. I work with students, individually, in small groups or as a whole class and work alongside staff to offer support in the classroom.  I model inclusivity and getting along with others as well as taking turns and using friendly body language.

If you have concerns about your child/children please contact their classroom teacher in the first instance.

It does take a village to bring up a child, in this period of uncertainty these outside supports are even more important. We are here to help.