Canteen News

The canteen staff would like to thank all our volunteers for their ongoing support. We really appreciate your invaluable assistance. New volunteers are always welcome so if you would like to help, please come in to the canteen, say hello and we will help you to get started.

We have been made aware that there are children in the school who are not eating all of their lunch order. Could you please talk to your child/children and ask them to bring home any uneaten food or unopened drinks? Rather than going in the bin at school, food scraps can then be used at home for chickens or composting, as well as giving you an idea of whether your child is eating their lunch. You may therefore prefer to order another menu item for them to help minimise food wastage. Thank you for understanding!

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We will be dropping the price of Sushi to $3.00. As a canteen we regularly check prices of our products with our food suppliers. Most times prices go up but we have been able to reduce the price of this delicious item. Enjoy!Have a lovely weekend.


Anita ViskicCanteen Manager