Digitech in T1 and T2

As part of STEM learning this term, T1 and T2 students have had a focus on digital technology and  have been using the Sphero’s as a basis for our learning. Spheros are a small coding robotic ball that is controlled through an IPad or computer. 

This term, Students started off  working in pairs to develop a set of codes that allowed the sphero to move, change colour and make sounds. Once the basics were achieved, students were challenged to design and build a short track.They then developed a set of codes that allowed  the sphero to move around it in one go. As designers and programmers, Students not only had to test and revise their codes to ensure they had a successful outcome, they demonstrated problem solving skills, persistence and the ability to listen and take turns with their partner.


We are now in the process of linking our digital technology skills to our learning in HaSS.Students  are designing their own maps and codes for their spheros to travel on. We can’t wait to share these with our families during Open Night.