Finance News

Invoices for materials & services fees will be sent home with all students in week 3.  Payment of this invoice is due by the end of Term 1. Excursions, camps, activities, aquatics, swimming lessons etc will be charged/invoiced individually prior to each event.  A letter and consent form will be sent home with details of the excursion and amount payable. The details will also be uploaded on our QKR! App. Excursions must be paid individually prior to attendance.

Have you downloaded the QKR! App yet? It’s our preferred method of payment! Qkr_logo.png

We encourage parents/caregivers to download the Qkr App which is a convenient way to pay for all school fees, excursions, uniform purchases and canteen lunch orders. Details of your order and payment will be forwarded securely to the school each day. This provides you with the convenience of being able to make payments at any time and will eliminate payments being left in school bags.  Itemised QKR! e-receipts provide you with a record of purchase and are a convenient way to keep track of your payments.

There is also the option of using Qkr! web page, a link to this is on the School website. EASY > SECURE > CONVENIENT

The following payment options are also available: 

Payments in a named envelope or zip lock bag, along with the invoice/consent form, can be placed in the payment box at the entrance to the office at any time and receipts will be forwarded to the classroom. Payments can be made by cash or cheque. Correct money is appreciated.

Payment can be made by regular instalments. Please make this arrangement with the Finance Office.

School Card Applications

The School Card Scheme offers financial assistance with school fees (materials & services charges) for students attending government schools in that year. To check your eligibility and to apply online go to the SA GOV website at

Select the School Card application form that is most appropriate to your circumstances.

‣ Income Audit (Form A) – Applications can now be made via the online link.  If you have children attending different schools the application form will be sent to both schools.

‣ Hardship, Change of Circumstances or Self Employment (Form B) - Forms available from the school or online and must be sent directly to the School Card Section.

‣ Foster Parents & Guardians (Form F) – Forms available from the school or online and must be sent directly to the School Card Section.

‣ Migrants & New Arrivals (Form M) – Migrated or exited detention centre after 1 July 2017.  Forms available from the school or online and must be sent directly to the School Card Section.

‣ Veterans Affairs (Form V) - For applicants who receive Veteran’s Affairs benefits.

If you need help completing the form please contact the School Card section on 1800 672 758 (free call).

The School Card section will notify you of the outcome of your application, until then do not pay any money towards your Materials and Service charge.

School Card MUST BE APPLIED FOR EACH SCHOOL YEAR and lodged at your earliest opportunity