Library News

Hello and welcome back everyone! A special hello and welcome to students and parents who are new to Mitcham this year. The library is located in the Tutt building at the end of the corridor.

The library is a welcoming place where students can read, borrow, play with puzzles, colour in or create a masterpiece of design with our Lego wall. We are closed during recess but open for the lunch break. We are closed before and after school. 

Borrowing Books 

Class teachers have booked a time to bring their classes in for weekly borrowing lessons and students may borrow at lunch time too. Reception to year 2 students may borrow up to four books and years 3-7 students may borrow up to six. Students can keep books for up to two weeks. After two weeks the books are overdue and will need to be returned before any more are borrowed. 

Overdue books 

We would much rather students be able to continue borrowing than be worrying about a book they can’t find. Parents, please, if you or your child are concerned about any books that are overdue or lost, contact Sophie in the library on While we expect students to treat our library books with care, we do understand all sorts of things can happen. Overdue notices will be sent directly to the parent email you have nominated for receiving notices. Years 3-7 students have a school email address to which we will also send overdue notices. 

Premier’s Reading Challenge 


Teachers will be distributing these forms in the classroom. When completed, reading challenge forms should be handed in person to Sophie or Vasi in the library. The library has spare forms if required. We have an excellent range of the Premier’s Reading Challenge books and we are always happy to help students locate them. The PRC website at has online lists you can check from home. In the Library these books can be identified by the coloured stickers on the books’ spine. Reception to Year 2 students have red stickers, Year 3-5 have green stickers and Year 6 books have yellow stickers. The Premier’s Reading Challenge concludes on 9 September.  

Book Club 

Our school is participating in Scholastic Book Club again this year. Once a term, during the school year, I will send home a Club catalogue with a different selection of books offered for all ages. You will find award-winning books and bestsellers, as well as old and new favourites. Each order helps earn free books and teaching materials for our library, however there is never any obligation to order. 

It is easy to order. The Book Club LOOP platform for parents allows you to pay by credit card. Your child’s order is submitted directly to school safe and sound and the books will be delivered to class. You can place your child’s order at or using the LOOP app, which can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play. Only orders requested and paid for online via LOOP will be accepted. We are unable to accept cash, cheque or credit card payments to the school. The first catalogue will be sent home soon. 

Library Lovers Day

For the month of February, we are celebrating Library Lovers Day and we have created a space for students to tell us all the reasons why they love the library!

Some of our favourite reasons so far are:

  • “I love the library because I can borrow so many amazing and wonderful books.”
  • “I love the library because it is quiet and relaxing.”
  • “I love the library because there are so many books to keep you interested and zone out!”
  • “I like the library because the books take me to a different world.”  
  •                Library_lovers_pic.jpg

It’s great hearing what the students enjoy about our library and how we can continue to make it a relaxing space for them!

Yours in reading,

Sophie and Vasi