Library Parent Update

Purpose of the school library

The library strives to provide a warm, welcoming environment for the school community where staff and students feel connected to the library and can influence its’ direction.


It supports the school’s mission of providing a ‘nurturing community where children love to learn and achieve their potential’ by:

  • * encouraging students’ desire to read by providing a balance of current quality and popular literature
  • * providing a safe place where they can interact with books in a way that sparks joy with the aim to develop a lifelong love of reading
  • * providing and facilitating independent access to quality information resources that stimulate a love of learning and reflect:
    •   - students’ needs, abilities and interests
    •   - the curriculum
    •   - school directions
    •   - classroom programs


Students can borrow:

  • Reception to Year 2 – 4 books
  • Years 3 to 6 – 6 books

The school acknowledges that all students are different and will seek different text types at different times. Students can borrow a range of age appropriate books for class activities and home reading. Some students will choose a picture book or novel to share with a caregiver. Others may choose a non-fiction book on a topic they are interested in and want to learn more. We have all sorts of books to spark a child’s interest: picture fiction, graphic novels, fiction books for all year levels, magazines and non-fiction books on topics from animals to Minecraft to zoos and everything in between.


Loan periods are:

  • All books – 2 weeks
  • Senior Fiction books – 4 weeks

Overdue emails are sent to parents and older students and hard copy slips distributed every three weeks. Please help your child locate the overdue book and return it. Students can renew their loan if they are still reading a book.

If a book is lost please email library staff or the teacher to advise the book cannot be found. Library staff can remove the lost book from your child’s record ensuring they can continue to borrow.