Off to a Great Start 2022

During the first 2-3 weeks of every year, classes focus on developing a collaborative, positive class culture as part of the Mitcham Primary School “Off to a Great Start” program. Students work together to build positive relationships for the development of safe, encouraging and productive classrooms. They participate in activities that promote the uniqueness of each individual and take time to reflect on strengths and set future goals.

Off to a Great Start helps students to develop positive dispositions for a new year of learning and promotes high achievement in all areas.

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During this time, students consider ways to demonstrate leadership qualities and the school values in everyday actions and choices. We aim for our students to;

  • Demonstrate positive relationships
  • Embrace mistakes and pursue solutions
  • Be resilient in work and social situations
  • Show gratitude and optimism
  • Accept responsibility for their own actions
  • Communicate effectively and work collaboratively
  • Show persistence and understand the value of working towards a goal
  • Use a range of strategies to problem solve

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Cooperative team building activities are a crucial way for children to develop and practice these skills. This week, children have enjoyed participating in tasks such as team challenges and games, group brainstorming, voting on class names, role plays, developing agreements for learning, beginning a gratitude journal and learning about a growth mindset to name just a few!