Room G1 and G2 STEM

G1 and G2 students have been watching the transformation of the gym build over this year from their classroom windows. In our recent STEM learning, we integrated their excitement for the upcoming new school gym and learning about identifying features of a building, place or monument around Australia and the world.

The students used the Design Thinking Process to research monuments, structures, and sculptures from around the world, as well as the history and values of Mitcham Primary School. Next, students designed a monument, structure, or sculpture with this research to signify the gym's opening. After creating several design ideas and gathering feedback from their peers, students created their final design prototype using the Maker's Empire software. When using the Maker's Empire software, students used their designs to recreate them on the 3D platform. As creators and inventors, they turned their abstract designs into concrete objects using spatial awareness and thinking, strengthening their growth mindsets and problem-solving skills to find the right tools and actions to best replicate their design. Students were required to constantly review their prototype designs on the 3D platform to ensure the shapes and letters used were connected from all angles. 

We have loved looking at the finalised designs, which the students have glued onto the artist's visualisation of the finished gym.    

 G1_G2_Stem_2.png  G1_G2_Stem_4.png