Library News

Citizenship Committee

I would like to extend my thanks to this year’s Citizenship Committee for their help in the library this year. Committee members, Lilly, Avani, Mary, Isobel and Michaela, helped run the school book club, selected many new books for the library and hosted a successful Book Week Parade.

Mitcham students have enjoyed seeing the new books chosen by the Committee. Congratulations!   Citizenship_pic.jpg


You may have received an email advising that your child has an overdue library book or they may have received an overdue slip at school. If your child has an overdue book please help them have a look at home. If you still can’t find it, you can phone the library, pass a note through your child’s diary or class teacher or email

Borrowing in term 4 

Friday 26 November (week 7) will be the last day for student borrowing. All books must be returned by Wednesday 1 December (week 8). 

Yours in Reading

Sophie and Vasi