New Gymnasium

We are excitedly watching the final stages of the gym construction and landscaping, and are on track for handover within the next fortnight. Students and teachers are very keen to get inside for their first look! Once handover has occurred, classes will have an opportunity to tour the building and garden areas with their teachers. We know they will enjoy students using the outdoor space at play times.

Fencing is anticipated to be removed by the end of next week, apart from additional sections of paving which we have requested to be replaced. Access to and from the oval may be impacted during this time, with students and families asked to use the pathway on the southern side of the gym.

 Gym_1.jpg  Gym_3.jpg  Gym_4.jpg

We will have a staged approach to moving our programs, resources and equipment into the new gym, which will occur over the remaining weeks of Term 3. We expect to move the PE program into the gym by late August, followed by primary Performing Arts approximately 2 weeks later. At this stage we hope OSHC will be able to move in prior to the end of term, however this will be confirmed closer to the time.