Room N6 News

Last week was Book Week and our class had a fabulous time celebrating Dreaming With Our Eyes Open. The week began with us creating our dream stories with a sizzling start. We then decorated groovy glasses to depict our dream story visually.

On Tuesday we had a visit from Belinda Piffl, who read us her family’s favourite novel, The Midnight Gang. This was a great experience and the students were grateful to Belinda for spending some time in our class. We all created our own disgusting menu based on what we read.

Wednesday was the Big Read. Each of the classes got to move to another class to read the teacher’s favourite picture book and do some fun activities around that. Mrs O did Room on the Broom. A family favourite and one she could probably read off by heart.

Thursday N6 got to do a Buddy Class activity in the library. We read a book to our buddies and heard their reading. Getting together with our buddy class not only allows us to be connected to the younger years it is also a lot of fun!

Friday saw the annual Book Week Parade. We had many characters dress up and really enjoyed seeing all the creativity and thought that goes in to everyone’s ideas for dressing up as their favourite book character. Everyone loved the day and the week!

In other news we have been busily working on our final art research project. These can be viewed in N6 on Open Night in Week 7. We are also finalising our Game On! Project. We looked at the Commonwealth Games and sports that are played there and why we have a Commonwealth. In the coming weeks we will be designing and creating our own sport or game to be played later in the term with N5 in a friendly bit of competition.


Mrs O and Mrs Mitchell