Stem Committee

Here at Mitcham Primary School, a number of leadership opportunities are extended to our students. One of those opportunities is as part of the Year 6 STEM Committee. Students on the STEM Committee work on responsibilities such as organising technology resources, assisting with lunchtime STEM sessions, testing new equipment, and working alongside teachers as they use new technology.

During the Week 6 staff meeting, our STEM Committee members helped deliver a robotics professional learning session to staff members and showcased their own personal work to show teachers the potential of Mitcham's vast array of robotics tools. The students assisted in training teachers how to use new applications and their associated robots to complete a variety of challenges. A lot of fun and learning was had, and the teachers were very impressed with the knowledge, skills and confidence the STEM Committee demonstrated. Congratulations to Lola, Orlando, Alicia, Zoe and Harriet for all their efforts!
 Digitech 1      Digitech 2 
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Well done, team!
Lachlan Norman - Digital Technologies Coordinator